The Most Important MMA Training Tip of All! (+ The Fighting Stance Break-Down)


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Okay, listen closely…

I’ve given it a lot of thought lately and out of all the tips I could share to help you with your MMA training, one sticks out in my mind as the most important one of all.

Master the Basics First!

I know it seems so simple and obvious but in all my years of training, travelling and fighting it’s the one thing that plagues mixed martial artist of all experience levels; even the guys you see on TV!

Put it this way…

A building with a crumbling, horribly weak foundation is not something you would ever invest your good money into.

It’s no different in your MMA training.

If you fail to build an ideal foundation in terms of your mixed martial arts technique, you’ll be forced to go back and rebuild it all over again, wasting so much time and effort!

Either that or have your skills fail you miserably, seeming to collapse when you need them most.

It’s definitely easier said than done, that’s for sure

Especially when an instructor often wants to show the newest, coolest techniques

Or is forced to teach you things beyond your level because it’s a group setting and there are students with much more experience in there with you as well.

In order for you to develop real MMA skill you must learn things in the right order. (ie.Step A then B,C and so on.)

Your success in mixed martial arts training depends on it!

Master the basics first and you’ll be off and running with a huge head start over most of the others out there.

The scary part is that they won’t even realize their weakness until it’s too late.

That’s when they end up on the bad side of a KO punch.


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