The Body Shot – “Working The Body” Striking Workshop


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“Working the Body” Striking Workshop This Sunday (May 2nd)

Tire, weaken and drop your opponent!May
The body shot is one of the best ways to gain advantage over your sparring partners and opponents.

In this workshop I’ll teach you how to hit the body. I mean really hit the body, in the rights spots while using a ton of leverage, so that opponent will quickly understand why body shots hurt more than the ones that hit the head.

Consisting of offensive and defensive techniques, this workshop will give you the tools to get inside your opponent’s defenses, land your strike and follow it up some more attacks or by moving away to a safe place.

Gone will be the times when you get smashed in the face while trying to hit the body.

Working the body is one of my favourite –thanks to my boxing coach– aspects of fighting. This is going to be fun one to teach.

Date: Sunday, May 2nd

Time: 1pm-3pm

Place: Joslin’s MMA (436 Concession Street, Hamilton)

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