Power Punching Guide – “Developing the Knockout Punch”


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Increase Your Punching Power!

I just finished writing –took a few weeks– my report titled “Developing the KO Punch” which shares 12 different principles that will have you hitting harder than ever.

It’s always nice to win a fight in the first round with a quick KO and hit the after party instead of the hospital.


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Here’s Tip #7…

Stay Relaxed and Loose

A relaxed strike is a powerful strike. That concept is simple to grasp but very difficult to put into action. When anger, fear, fatigue and other emotions kick in during a fight, the body often tenses up making ultra-powerful punching very difficult. A fighter’s lack of experience or lack of technical training often results in them throwing stiff, slow, laboured punches. Even worse the telegraphed punches they attack with are usually thrown by themselves, not within a combination that could drastically increase any chances of scoring a knockout.

In training, think of your arm as two different parts, the fist and the arm. The arm must take on the attributes of a piece of rope, hanging loose as it swings to and from your upper body. Alternately the fist must tighten, with its thumb on the outside, remaining clenched as if it were an iron ball hanging from that rope. At first you will find this extremely challenging to do and you’ll quickly realize that it’s going to take a lot of practice and focus to get things just right. As you tighten your hand you will often feel your entire arm tighten and vice versa with your hand becoming too loose when you allow your arm to relax. Just keep trying!

You’ll know when you get it right because you will instantly multiply the power of you punch and lessen the amount of effort it takes to throw it. That’s when your true punching power will begin to emerge.

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