MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Technique – Footwork – Directional Quickswitch


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Here’s an MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai technique that’ll help you stay safe by allowing you to never be where the opponent wants or expects you to be.

Mix this movement into your sparring and shadow fighting drills often to improve your evasiveness. Also, be sure to mix in your punching and kicking attacks before and after completing this footwork motion to fully take advantage of your slick movement.


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  1. Jon says:

    Brilliant. Nobody else has this ability to break these complex movements down to the most simple level and carry that simple idea to the next level while at the same time articulating it to us dumbheads out here in internet land.

  2. Barrett says:

    Hey Jeff thanks for shearing the kick ass footwork drills it’s a cool combination of traditional muay thai footwork with the practicality of MMA effectiveness a great practical use.you married the techniques well .kick ass Bro.

  3. Tallha says:

    This is so helpful. Thank you Jeff. Thanks for looking after us.

  4. Eric Wong says:

    Sick drill bro! I’ll be practising this in my shadow fighting fo sho. Thanks dude.

    Also, can’t wait to hear which NHL tough guy you’re training. I know Brian McGrattan is a Hamilton boy, maybe him???

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Thanks Eric! You got it. That`s him. He`s punching a lot harder and cleaner in only 6 lessons. Going to be working together for the summer. Watch out!

  5. Mike Giles says:

    Nice footwork bro. It makes your opponent unable to gage where your body position is because you are constantly shifting. I may feel like I,m tough for MMA but if I don,t have any martial arts training I would get my ass kicked lol. I won,t try it. Mike

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