MMA Fight Technique Breakdown – Silva vs. Okami – 2 Arms Low Jab


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Today I finally got a chance to film some of the technique breakdown videos I was inspired to put together after watching the main event fight at UFC 134 between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami.

This first video, of several that I’ll be making of attacks/defenses in that fight, breaks down the 2 arms low jab. The same type of punch that Silva dropped Okami with during their exciting fight.

The 2nd video is a variation of the technique, which I call the “Lead Arm Low Jab”, that I use all the time in training and during my fights –especially during my bouts against Josh Koscheck and Nuri Shakir — with much success.

I hope the 2 videos help you smack people around with your jab more effectively because they are both very fun techniques to land on an opponent.

Here they are:

Technique 1 – “2 Arms Low Jab”

and here’s the variation of the above technique that I find effective as well:

Technique 2 – “Lead Arm Low Jab”

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  1. jose says:

    Awesome vids jeff thanks for sharing im working these techniques into my training best regards….. jose”fast hands” garcia

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