MMA/Boxing/Kickboxing Technique – Jab Counter – Pick and Jab Back


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With my laptop (which has all my best stuff on it) still down and out of commission, after somebody stepped on it and shattered the screen, I found this technique video on my main computer and decided to throw it up.

The video shows a very simple way to counter a jab and fire back with your own attack. A benefit of doing this type of defense is that it will bring your opponent closer to you since they are trying to hit you. This is helpful at times when you are finding it difficult to reach your opponent with your jab on its own.

==> JAB COUNTER – Pick and Jab Back.

Back to the laptop issue…I ordered a new screen on Ebay but have no idea how long things take to ship since it’s my first order from that site. Anyone know how long it takes?

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  1. Jay says:

    Hey Jeff I love the content you provide on here especially when it comes to striking. One thing I would like to see are some tips for southpaws as far as fighting as one and fighting against one. I never find much information out there for southpaws, so it would be cool to see. Keep up the great work on here.


    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Thanks Jay…I’ll see what I can put together for southpaws. My striking coach is a southpaw and he’s got some serious technique when fighting right handers and a lot of little tricks. We worked a ton of them, reversed of course, when I was training to fight Nuri Shakir for the Apex welterweight championship. Are you southpaw?

  2. Jay says:

    That’s great, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Yes, I’m right handed, but fight from a southpaw stance.

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