Boxing Workshop: The Body Shot!


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The body shot is definitely my favourite punch to land in a fight. There’s no better feeling that scoring a fast, crisp punch to the body and seeing your opponent crumble to the ground a second later. Anyone who has boxed with skilled strikers before knows that punches hitting the body hurt more than the ones that smack against the head.

Many fighters shy away from working the body because they often get hit hard while trying to do so. They simple give up because they can’t seem to pull it off. This is often because they are not setting things up properly or sometimes because they are leaving their head on the line of fire while they are punching the body which is extremely dangerous. There is a ton of skill involved when throwing an effective punch to the midsection of your opponent. Mess up the mechanics of the attack and you end up wasting a great opportunity to really punish your opponent.

Last weekend I shared many important details and techniques to a large group of students that came out to my “Body Shot” workshop.

I had them first learn the proper body and arm positioning necessary when throwing a body punch so that their hits would cause maximum damage and yet require very little effort to execute.

We then followed up with a few ways to disguise their entry into body punching position along with very important details on how to keep their face safe from harm on the way in.

Lastly, I taught the students several punches to follow up with after their body shot. It’s these second and third punches that will increase their chances of scoring a knockout in competition.

I’m looking forward to seeing them pull it off in action!

The entire workshop, which includes 25 different videos, is now available online in the premium shop.


Here’s one video from the workshop…

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