BJ Penn KO’ing Matt Hughes – The Breakdown


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A Beautiful Boxing Combo KO at UFC 123

It was a while ago when I last broke down a technique that someone applied in action. It was a series of videos that I made showing, describing and teaching the many styles of guard passes that BJ Penn had used in some of his fights. (Click here to see them)

I was hoping to break down other technique videos but wasn’t really inspired by too many techniques until this weekend’s fight card. Strange thing is that it was again a BJ Penn technique that did the trick. The technique, one of only the few executed during the fight since it was so short, was the movement BJ Penn used to set up and score the beautiful KO punch. I always love watching BJ fight because he really does use a lot of great technique in his fights.

The movement he used was an outside slip –usually to make a jab miss– followed up with a cross, hook, cross. BJ landed the cross solidly, missed the hook because Hughes was already falling and didn’t even have to throw the last punch of the combination.

This is one of my favourite combos: Nearly identical –I used an uppercut variation of it– to the one I used on Jon Fitch that opened up his lip and caused a lot of damage.

Anyways, let’s get to the videos…

(The last video was part of my 31 Video head movement workshop which is available online in the PREMIUM SHOP)

Here’s BJ doing it:

Here’s me using a variation of the same combo on Jon Fitch:

and here’s my breakdown of the technique:

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  1. Senseidk11 says:


  2. Chandler Oakes says:

    Hey Bro,
    My brother and I had the Alliance Association/ Team Jacare’ in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! We love the website man. Thanks for all the good advice!

    Chandler Oakes

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Hey Chandler,

      Great to hear from you. Glad you’re liking the site. If you’re ever around our area drop by for some training. All the best!

  3. Paul says:

    Nice combo, it seems to either end in a knockout or a time-out 🙂

  4. Justin Griffin says:

    Wow…..some MMA websites completely fail at writing articles, because Joe Rogan calling a guy a fag is so important. Thank you for this great break down Jeff, MMA needs more people like you. Your emails have helped me tremendously.

  5. Dustin Luff says:

    Looks like that combo stunned Fitch for a moment.

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