Training with Rubens "Charles" Cobrinha


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groupshotOver the last few days I’ve had the pleasure of training with Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. A four time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champ, Cobrinha is has some awesome skills on the mat. On top of that he’s a great teacher, able to pass on his techniques with great detail.

Last night, over thirty of my students were immersed in a guard passing/side control workshop at Joslin’s MMA that consisted of 2 hours of technical practice and close to an hour of rolling afterward.

Much thanks to Cobrinha for teaching an awesome workshop, Dan Hale for setting it up and thanks to all who participated in the event. Hope we can do it again soon!

At the very end Cobrinha took a moment to share a technique for the blog. Enjoy!

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  1. GC says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Usually when I got for a butterfly guard pass by trapping one leg(for example their right leg) and trying to pass on that side they’ll catch my right arm with their free leg with I guess would be a half spider guard? How would you go about countering or avoiding this?


  2. Jeff Joslin says:


    It depends on the exact positioning but sometimes you can take their foot off of your bicep by placing your knee directly below their spider guarding heel to knock it of. You may be able to continue with your regular pass. If that doesn’t work to may have to move into a spider guard type pass.

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