The MMA Jab – Breaking Down the Basics + A Chance to Win!


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Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the fighting stance video. The response was great.

I’m really glad you liked it and I hope it helps you get hit less often during your training and of course your fights as well :).

A few guys posted and emailed to tell me that they like to keep their front foot facing forward instead of using my slightly inward style foot positioning.

What’s their reasoning for using that variation?

A few of them said so they can easily step forward while extending their jab.

They were wondering if I had any trouble jabbing from my stance.  If you watch any of my fights notice that the jab is one of my best weapons.

My stance is the main reason the punch works so well for me during training and in my fights!

It just takes some solid instruction and a lot of practice to master it.

In response to those questions I created a video to break down the basics of how I throw my jab and have also included some footage of me landing it against some tough opponents.

The instructional part of that video is one of the 100+ training videos that make up my new MMA QuickStart Training Program.

The program, designed specifically for beginners and those looking to master the basics is now available


It’s full of many great features and I’m very excited to say that it is ready to launch after more than two years in development.

Win a FREE Copy!

I’m starting a contest right now to give away 3 FREE COPIES OF THE MMA QUICKSTART PROGRAM.

==> Contest now closed <====

All you have to do is tell me — WHY YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM? (in 300 words or less). Post your answer in the comment section and I’ll pick the 3 winners this Saturday night.

Good luck!

Also if you’re in the Mississauga, Ontario area be sure to check out my striking coach’s school, he is the best! – ALL CANADIAN MARTIAL ARTS

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  1. Jeff Joslin says:

    I’ve been having a little trouble with my comment section lately. If you have any trouble posting, please send me a message through the contact page.

    Good luck!

  2. Joshua says:

    Nice video. I’d have to try out that stance for myself once I’m able to start training again.

    -I need the MMA quickstart program to help stay in shape and have some sort of direction while being unable to train. I have just recently moved halfway across the country, and the nearest mma gym is about 30 minutes away. Since I’m too young to drive, and my parents don’t want to take a 30 min. drive there, and another 30 min. back, I am unable to train. This leaves me to do the alternatives like wrestling at school (which isn’t bad) and doing my own form of training. The MMA quickstart program would be great to have to help me out meanwhile I’m not able to train.

    Thanks. ^^

  3. Kiel McDougall says:

    Hi Jeff,

    First, thank you for all the great advice you offered on your website. For many who are in the sport and do not have access to top-tier training facilities, the internet is a tool to help level the playing field. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of bad fighting advice on the web and, as you pointed out, there is too much to learn in MMA to have to un-learn bad technique. I consider your video posts an authority on the “right” way to do things, and they have helped me immensely.

    I need your MMA Quickstart Program because I aspire to be a career martial artist. I have trained in martial arts my entire life, and it is my goal to someday open a school that produces high-caliber martial artists. Training in basements and garages in rural Maine, my teammates and I always speculated about the technique being taught in established schools. We soldiered on, teaching ourselves what we could from watching videos and beating the hell out of each other, but I always wondered how much my game would improve if I could learn from the best. I live in Chicago now where there are more resources, and I haven’t lost my thirst for knowledge. I believe that a good fighter always honors the student inside him, and I am a loyal student of yours. I respect the years of research you’ve done, and I fully agree with your philosophy of having a solid foundation in the basics. I want to ensure that my students learn the right techniques from the start. With your MMA Quickstart Program, I can become a better student and, in turn, a better teacher.
    Thank you for your consideration, and thank you again for your guidance.

    Kiel McDougall

    P.S. Please pick me! 🙂

  4. Hugo S-L says:

    Hey Jeff, your jab striking skills are bloody amazing, I’d heard about B.J Penn using the jab as a strong part of his arsenal, but yours is just awesome. I’ll have to learn how to jab like that.

    And why do I need your program ? At school, we have a class called ” Integrating Project ” Which actually allows us to pick a project we’ll try to accomplish during the whole year, keeping weekly updates of what we’ve learned and tried according to what your project is. I, of course, chose to train Mixed Martial Arts, along with the severe nutrition and daily training. I might even get to go to an organisation in Montreal to fight my first MMA fight ever. I’m currently looking for as much help as I can, but training with a partner is not possible, since no one else here trains MMA. Also, I do not know about what training exercise will help me perform, say, a takedown. I’ve been following your videos until pretty recently ( Maybe 4 months, or so ) but I can see you’ve got talent, and you know your stuff. Your MMA Program would help me learn a lot of things that I won’t be able to learn since, where I live, there’s no MMA classes. Hell, there aren’t even Boxing or kickboxing classes here. I hope you choose me, it would be great, and not only because of school, because I’m also considering becoming an MMA fighter later, it’s kind of my crazy dream 😛

    Take care man


  5. John Clancy says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I have to say that your a phenomenal striker, and your instructional videos have really helped me in the last month or so.
    I need your MMA Quickstart program because i want to control my life. So many things in my life are out of place and out of control at the moment that i need some form of routine to keep me sane. Also, i need a well structured program to prevent myself from ending up overweight and out of shape like everyone else in my family. I’m tossed around a lot at school, and people just expect me to always do as i’m told. Your program would help me to build the self confidence i so desperately need. It would also give me a chance to get back in to shape after a long bout of inactivity due to an extremely severe shoulder injury.

    I’ve made my case as best i could.
    All the best,

  6. Tapio Tikkala says:

    Hey Jeff!

    You take the important techniques really well into parts which helps us all to understand the valuable details those techniques withhold.
    As I have mentioned before I had a knee injury recently which made me unable to train normally at my Gym which at this moment is in Japan, even though I am a Finnish student. Before the injury I was lacking also some motivation and basic techniques as well as tactics to get my game into the next level. I was all the time thinking I need to just push harder in order to improve in the sport and I ended up training mindlessly for a long time. I also tried to find help with watching a lot of different MMA fights and trying to pick up some ideas from there. Of course it didn’t end up too well. I didn’t learn the proper techniques and pushed too hard with a wrong mentality and found myself in front of my laptop with a knee injury trying to hopelessly find a real solution for my problem before the upcoming fight. I found your videos concerning the guard passes that BJ Penn uses and right away realized the potential in your videos! After 3 weeks of training I’ve improved more than during the year I’ve been in Japan thanks to learning the details from you! I found out that I was looking for the solution from places and methods that would get me exhausted and hurt instead of trying to do the things correctly and thinking in a different way! I want to advance more, I want to be able to get the best out of me in this sport and hopefully find myself as a professional also! The key and most important step to that would be your MMA quickstart program!

  7. Shawn Strong says:

    Short and simple: I feel like the more you know about fighting and the better prepared you are to be in a fight the less likely you may be to actually have a fight (unless that’s how you make your living.)
    I’d love to have this collection and be able to master the basics of mixed martial arts and be better prepared to defend myself and end any altercation quickly.

  8. Liz Stadelman says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Having been through a rough relationship, I am slowly getting into the best shape of my life so that I can be strong and confident and learning your program will do just that for me. It will kill the fear factor too cause I will be so confident and feel better about myself. As well as mental discipline will be practiced. This transforms a woman from the inside out.
    P.S. PICK ME!!!

  9. Gerry says:

    Hey Jeff. Long time no talk. As you know i am a former student of Scott Sxhilling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and i was also a student at shinbukan judo club. Since breaking my ribs(7 of them) and cracking my sternum it has harder to
    Keep myself fit and conditioned. I work hard and try to train as often as possible but work hours always take precidence over gym time.
    I am in need of this program to up
    My game and one day enter the octagon representing Jeff Joslins Mma. Im also a dad and my daughter loves that daddy is a great fighter. Take care Jeff.

  10. Dante M says:

    Quality video Jeff.
    Much appericiated..

  11. Jorge Velasco says:

    Nice video and good explanation Jeff.
    Easy to understand and to follow.
    Congratulations for the new instruccional program.

  12. William K. Nations says:

    First off, let me say that it’s real cool that you’re giving away three copies of your training system…kudos. I’m gonna keep it simple as to why I would like to be the recipient of this gift. I have been living overseas and moving every couple of years for work for the last nine years. I have enrolled in several gyms with mixed success training in bjj, muay thai, trad boxing and some judo (not too good at the judo). I’m looking for a better system to work with on my own so I can continue training seamlessly, and not have the downtime between gyms. Basically looking for a little stability in my training regiment. Amy help will be appreciated…..and hell, if I don’t win, I may just buy it. Thanks for the consideration.


  13. Daniel Tapia says:

    I NEED this program. Why?

    It’s simple: I’m addicted to knowledge… I’m addicted to the truth.

    I saw your post on Sherdog about Penn-Hughes III and I checked your page out. When I saw your fight against Fitch and I was like “OMG, this dude is FOR REAL.” I HAD to get your head movement workshop because I was taking too many hits to the head and I didn’t understand those basic movements whose details are esoteric.

    A transformation occurred that I did not fully expect: Sparring became fun. It wasn’t torture anymore. It was like the proving grounds and I got to test out my new slips and combos. I knew I had to get the counter attacks workshop because knowing that I was missing out on high-percentage techniques was eating me up inside. I got it and once again I was blown away by the details. I drill the T-Frame everyday, I try not to lean outside my box to slip, on an uppercut I don’t draw my power from my shoulder but instead the rotation of my hips.

    In just one month your workshops have changed me. I’m forever grateful to you for saving my brain from unnecessary damage and for helping me understand that defense and offense are one in the same in this game. Without either one you die. The bodyshot workshop is next and I’m foaming at the mouth for that one.

    I don’t want to start MMA without the course. I want knowledge from someone who has been there and has faced the #2 and #3 contenders in the world at 170. I wish I had seen your workshops before I even stepped into the ring because it would’ve saved me so many mornings with butterflies, fearing sparring sessions.

  14. Chris Olech says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Definately amazing stuff as always! And thats my first reason!
    1)You are the best coach instructor I’ve ever had, and I’ve mentioned it more than once.
    In the way you teach and your crisp technique, it really works for me and my learning adaptability.
    2)I have had a on and off injury with my back for years now, and I find that if I focus on proper technique, especially in striking I do not aggrevate it half as much, so I need to keep learning and working on my technique.
    3)My first kickboxing fight I got a nice beating, so the more I train properly, the better I get in the real situations in my fights and tournaments and I definately want first place each time!
    4)I have also been yo yoing in weight, I really need that extra push to stay lean and healthy, so a great dvd set can do that for me when Im being lazy.
    5)Like Ive also mentioned driving down to hamilton is not always possible for me, so a home set would be great for me, also that way I do not forget key steps to my fighting arsenal as I can rewatch it anytime.
    6) I have had to work really hard for anything in my life, so when things come easily it really is a blessing, but if I get the set it means I will truly use it to its full extent as I will not take it for granted.
    7)You never know maybe my dream of the UFC will come to fruition, so any help I get along the way means my wife will have a sort of good looking guy to look at instead of minced face!
    Thanks again Jeff
    Chris Olech

  15. glyn howells says:

    A great video Jeff, really help in getting the basics right. Which is really where i find myself again.
    Ihave trained in martial arts in the past, but now in my mid forties i am getting back into training again. There is a gym opened up in my home town with great instructors, and my local area has a really good inter club fight scene and a UK amateur fight league is based in the town.
    I really want to train hard, get back into sparring and if i can build my confidence up, maybe have some fights at the interclub meetings.
    Finding all the material on your site a real help and really inspirational.
    Winning a copy of your new program would be a great bonus.

  16. Lance says:

    I will keep it short. I need to lean the basics. I don’t have much money at this point in time. 100% for sure, the MMA QuickStart program wouldn’t be going to waste. I really want to learn the basics properly.

    Thanks for having the giveaway

  17. Malik says:

    Why I deserve MMA QuickStart.
    Honestly, I’m a Martial Arts fiend (for lack of a better term?) MA/MMA is all I ever think about or want to do. When I’m training, I’m on top of the world, when I’m not training am always thinking about training, searching the web/reading about Martial Arts (how I stumbled across your site) Or watching fights. I just want to know more and more, completely immerse myself into the martial arts lifestyle. It wasn’t until a year ago that I finally found a home at FFA. Before I was open to do any martial art because that was all that was on my mind and it was a major piece missing in my life. Fact of the matter was, was that there was no place near me, FFA isn’t even near me, to this day every time I go to FFA I ride 2 buses which take an hour and 50 mins each (I wish I was lying) but I’m even more than willing because after a month at FFA something happened, I was going to FFA non-stop as much as I could to soak up as much as I could from everyone and somewhere somehow the thought of competition aroused me, in my head it’s like “Now I can actually get paid and make a living off of doing what I enjoy so much” It all made sense to me, and since then I honestly just can’t see living my life any other way. Not only that,I want to be the best. The reason I have taken interest in your program rather than someone else’s is because you are catering to the basics and I love defense, basics and repetition. It’s what I live by if I have a choice in how I train.

  18. corinthian says:

    Hey Jeff, love the video, here’s my shot at your contest.

    I need your program because, as someone who got into martial arts a year ago, I’ve got a lot of holes in my game. I’ve been teaching English in Korea and training at a Korean muay thai gym, and while they’ve been phenomenal, the language barrier has been an issue. There are some things that I just plain need described to me in English. I’ve used a lot of online resources (including your KO punch guide) to help, but I’ve got a long way to go. Something like your program is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the KO guide, and best of luck launching your program!

  19. sly fox says:

    Hey Jeff,
    why do I need the program?

    Im an older guy, 37, did martial arts all my life until I suffered a debilitating neck injury training seven years ago… For years i suffered chronic pain, and for years Ive had different therapies from acupuncture to many different physical therapists work on me. I was told by my first therapist that the reality was Id probably have pain for the rest of my life. Being unable to train wrecked me mentally, but i decided i would work towards recovery, I was told that the severe shortening that happened in my neck muscles, and scoliosis that developed was probably not reversable, and i turned down the spinal fusion surgery. Its taken me seven years to be approaching the point that i can hopefully soon get back to training again. The goal I set myself seven years ago was to be without pain, and to fight an mma bout, not to be a badass but to prove to myself I can do it, its not about fighting anyone else for me, but myself and the limitations my body put on me. Why would this program be great for me, because it would help me get closer to the place I want to be at.
    Kind regards

  20. Malik Lewis says:

    Mr. Jeff, if my primary e-mail doesnt work let me know and I’ll give you my second account.

    Once again thank you for the free gift 🙂

    p.s when are you going to do ustreem again?

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