MMA Training Tip – Be Patient Young Grasshopper!


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MMA Training Tip – Patience Will Keep Things Fun!

I really don’t believe that becoming the perfect mixed martial artist is ever possible. Well at least not in the average life span that we as human beings can expect. I’ve been training close to thirty years and sometimes there are some days I still feel like a beginner at some things.

In the beginning mixed martial arts can be a little overwhelming for many students. New students are constantly asking me how long it will take them to become good. I always tell them that there is no easy route or quick shortcut to mastery, that they should focus on attending class as often as possible and always do their best to be a good student. If they are expecting to become a professional fighter overnight, they have no clue how much dedication an accomplishment it actually takes to do so. Mind you they could just jump in and fight pro but they better have some good health insurance.

In terms of your own training, be patient. It will take some time but with some dedication and hard work you’re guaranteed to improve. In a few shorts months you will possess the skills and confidence necessary to defend yourself against the average person in the street. That is a very empowering feeling. I call this time stage one and at this is the point where things really become fun.

Like watching your own child grow, you don’t notice the technical changes and growth you are making daily but before you know it you’ve matured into an experience mixed martial artist. So be patient, have fun and remember that the enjoyment isn’t in achieving the goal, it’s in the journey along the way.

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