MMA Technique – 1/2 Guard Kimura and Super Useful Grip Breaking Details


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Getting an opponent into the kimura submission hold can be done in many ways. Once there though it can be very difficult to finish a strong, aggressive opponent that has a good idea of how to defend their arm.

In the video below I show you one of my best ways to smash through an opponent’s defense and score the submission win. I also break down a way you can get to the kimura from 1/2 guard.



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  1. …very interesting and excellent solution!!…I hope to try this soon as I have ran into this roadblock often…many thanks Jeff…

  2. Drysa says:

    Lots of cool.details. thanks

  3. Peter says:

    Excellent instruction as always–do you ever consider showing in these You Tubes other variations as we loose control or the situation flows into OMG? Thanks

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