MMA Technique #1 from UFC 120 training camp in Iowa…


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Hey guys,

I’ve written a lot of stuff about and shot a lot of video of the training here in Iowa with Spencer Fisher as we get prepared to do battle on October 16th at UFC 120 in London, England. I won’t be sharing any training video footage or other training until after the fight is over but I will be putting together a compilation of everything.

I did however record a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique –great for gi, no-gi and mma training- that I was working with a group of guys down here. Be careful when you apply it in action because sometimes the other person doesn’t realized that it’s a solid submission and then resist tapping and hurt their shoulder badly. Go very slow with it when you apply it.

Here it is.

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  1. fedorlei says:

    nice, that should come in handy! thanks for sharing

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