MMA QuickStart Launches This Monday Night!


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My New MMA Training Program for Beginners!

To be completely honest, I remember a time, nearly fifteen years ago, when I couldn’t imagine my life without the thrill of competition.

I’d often ask my Dad, who was a three-time Canadian champion, when he had to retire from fighting.

I was worried that with every passing year my time to retire would come. Funny thing was that I was probably only twenty-three years old at the time.

What would I do? The thought was truly unbearable.

Unfortunately, I was forced to stop fighting in 2007 because of post concussion syndrome caused by an accumulation of hits taken throughout a lifetime of martial arts

Did my world end?

I’ll admit it; things were really rough for a while but I now find myself more motivated than ever before.

My goal?

A powerful desire to teach others how to become skilled mixed martial artists. To help them achieve their goals and experience the many benefits MMA training has given me in my life.

That desire and the fact that so many people out there are in search of quality MMA training inspired me to create my new MMA QuickStart Training Program.

and finally after more than two years in development it’s ready!

You’ll be able to purchase it this Monday Night (December 13th) at 12 O’clock midnight (EST)

I designed the MMA QuickStart Training Program to:

  • Get you off to the best start in your MMA training by teaching you the foundational techniques in the right order.
  • Lead you through every single workout with step by step instructions.
  • Prevent you from developing bad habits that are nearly impossible to break.
  • Allow you to train anytime and pretty much anyplace you like.
  • Get you into great shape while you have a lot of fun.

I’ll be having a contest before the launch date where I’ll be giving away 3 FREE copies of MMA QuickStart.

Check back tomorrow to find out how you can win…

Of course, as a coach, I’ll miss the opportunity to KO my opponent in front of 20,000 fanatical fans or win the “Submission of the Night.” bonus check at my next UFC fight.

That’s OK. My rewards are the kind words of appreciation I’ve received from my students both on and offline are just as awesome.

Here are a few of my favourites so far…

14 Time UFC Fighter Spencer The King Fisher

Alon Z

“I am 35 Years old and extremely busy running a business…I have been training (during my off season) 3 months a year in the Winter with Jeff Joslin for around 10 years now doing private lessons…

Although I live and work in Toronto and have to commute over 2 hours (round trip) to see Jeff, it is well worth it. Training with Jeff is like therapy for the mind and body and despite trying some local MMA guys here and there, there is NO Comparison for having Jeff train me.

He is not only extremely knowledgeable, he is intelligent and organized and teaches you in a systematic way so that you can build on your learning (even if it is not as consistent as you would like). Also he is a down to earth guy who is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humour (which makes the sometimes gruelling sessions more enjoyable!)

I cannot get motivated to go to the Gym, or do Cardio but cannot wait to get to my training sessions with Jeff every time we have a session scheduled.

Although I run a successful business…I have struggled over the years with anxiety, depression etc…and there has been no medication as effective as training with Jeff to get me through difficult times.

Training with Jeff has been an important part of my life and I look forward to training with him for years to come…”

Ryan Dickson - (4-0 Amateur MMA Fighter)

“I began training with Jeff Joslin just over three years ago. Since then I’ve improved tremendously and am enjoying every second of it.

I’ve had four MMA fights and won each of them thanks to the coaching of Jeff and the preparation we did for each.

Jeff has a very effective and extremely fun style of teaching that is easy to learn from. I believe his method of teaching works so well because of his intense focus on the basics. In all my competitions I really feel that my fundamental techniques are what have made the difference.”

Tapio T - Japan

“Hi Jeff,

I just got a knee injury so my training isn’t going as well as it could. I was a bit depressed for a while because of it, but your tips gave me more strength to go on and find new aspects in training!! Thank you so much for the message. It gave me more hope!

Your videos have also helped me a lot to get my basics in real good condition. There were so many wrong things that I was concentrating on and the videos helped me correct those things!!

Thanks again and please keep up the good job!!”

Tapio T – (Japan)

Paul Guagliano, Head of Boys Phys. Ed, Westmount Secondary School
“I have been a Martial Artist myself for over 20 years and I can say, beyond any doubt, Jeff is the best instructor I have ever met.

His voice, mannerisms, discipline, control and pace to his classes, are second to none. My students love him. Each and every time he teaches one of my classes, not only are my classes learning valuable, efficient, appropriate, self defense moves, even with my background, I learn too.”

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  1. Mike Samson says:

    I was lucky enough to stuble across Jeff’s website a few years back and my training has not been the same since. I now bring Jeff down to my club in Newfoundland a couple times a year and also travel to train with him. Trust me its worth the 4 hour flight. Jeffs attention to detail is second to none. I’ve seen first hand how hard Jeff works on planning his classes and instructional videos, You simply can’t go wrong with anything he has to offer.

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