BJJ Video Workshop – Highly Effective Counter Attacks


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In this video training series you’ll learn to tap your opponents quickly by surprising them with quick counter attacks.

The workshop series contains some quick counters to a variety of your opponents attacks. I also made sure that the counters I taught ended up with you applying a submission hold of your own so that you can end the fight quickly.

From single leg takedowns, to omaplatas, kimuras and footlocks we counter them all, firing back with a bunch of different attacks inclduing toe holds, armlocks, shoulder crushes and more.

You’ll find yourself looking forward to having your opponent attack you so that you can instantly turn the tables on them and get the tap out!

Your confidence on the mats will soar when you master the 14 videos in this training series…

Below is a video from the series showing one of my favourite ways to work against an opponent that is attempting a single leg.

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