BJJ Technique Video Series (The X-Guard) now available…


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Just getting ready to teach the 2nd workshop of the 22 planned for this year at Joslin’s MMA. Today we’re going to be working on one of my favourite aspects of boxing; Avoiding punches with proper head movement and firing back with the most effective combos while the opponent is vulnerable.

Should be fun a fun lesson to teach.

Anyways, I was up most of the night editing the videos from the X-Guard workshop that I taught last weekend. All 14 videos are now up online in the new PREMIUM CONTENT SHOP.

In addition to all the free basic instructional techniques already offered on the site, the Premium content shop will be the place to find intermediate and advanced level technique plus many new specialized video training series that will help you improve your game fast.

You can view a sample video from the X-Guard workshop on the Premium Content Shop page by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

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