BJJ Submission Escape Workshop


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Escape the Most common Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Submission Attacks

Come out and learn the best and easiest ways to escape from the Triangle choke, the armlock and many more dangerous situations.

This NO-GI (shorts & T-shirt) workshop is a must if you are constantly finding yourself trapped in submission holds while training. With the correct movement you’ll be able to slide out of trouble and begin your own attack.

Perfect for students of all levels this two hour workshop will without a doubt make you instantly tougher on the mats. No more guessing on which way to move to escape a choke or an arm lock situation because this workshop will give you the tools to escape the right way.

  • Date: Sunday May 16, 2010
  • Place: Joslin’s MMA
  • Time: 1pm-3pm
  • Cost: $40 ($30 for team Joslin/Alliance BJJ
  • This is no-gi workshop (wears shorts and t-shirt or t-shirt and gi pants)

For more info or to register online CLICK HERE

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