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I’m often asked questions about MMA Strength & Conditioning and what kind of stuff I do to prepare for fights and other competitions.

Without a doubt, a huge part of success in MMA comes from being in top physical shape. You can know all the techniques in the world but if you’re too tired to use them you’re in big trouble.

I remember fighting a bout early on in my career where I was totally unprepared in terms of strength and conditioning. My technique was sharp, my mindset was strong but at the end of the bout I could barely raise my arms above my waist.

At one point in that fight I was in the mount position, the most dominant place to be in a fight, and thinking to myself I’m too damn tired to punch! That was a scary moment.

Fortunately I was able to stay, through the use of pure technical ability, in advantageous positions throughout the rest of the fight. However if my opponent had been a little more technical I think that fatigue would have done me in and who knows what terrible things could have happened.

Years later I met up with a guy named Eric Wong, a former BJJ student of mine, who offered to train me to improve my strength and physical conditioning. I took him up on his offer as I had very little knowledge in that area of training.

Eric & Myself at Miramar Base before my UFC Fight Night bout vs. Josh Koscheck

A few months later I felt like a completely different fighter; I was stronger, leaner, quicker and could train and spar longer than ever before. My recovery time was insanely quick and the best part of all was that I wasn’t sore for any of my other –technical based– workouts. I was gaining more with a lot less effort.

When people ask me about Strength & Conditioning for MMA I send straight them to Eric. He’s awesome!

Fortunately Eric has created a Strength & Conditioning program, that is available online, designed specifically for mixed martial artists. It contains everything you need to get yourself in the best shape of your life.

Hope your training is going well!

Jeff Josliln