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MMA Training Tip – Mindset #1 – “The I Already Know That Type”
MMA Training Tip – Mindset #2 – “The Rough Guy”
MMA Training Tip – Mindset #3 – “Don’t be the lazy student”
MMA Training Tip – “Take The Pressure Off”
The Heavy Bag – “The Punchout Round”
The Heavy Bag – “The Speed Round”
Shadowfighting – “Mixing Things Up”
Shadowfighting – “Last Minute Burst”
Jumping Rope – “The Double Jump”
MMA Training Tip – “Gameplans”
Sparring – “Vs. A Smaller Training Partner”
“Finding the Perfect Mixed Martial Arts School”
Secrets of the Jab #1 – “Lower Body Positioning”
Secrets of the Jab #2 – “Upper Body Positioning”
Secrets of the Jab #3 – “Arm Positioning”
The Heavy Bag – “Hands Off!”
MMA Training Tip – “Compete Often”
Shadowfighting – “Mirror Head Movement Drill”
MMA Training Tip – Mindset #4 – Don’t be the Bragger”
MMA Training Tip – Mindset #5 – Leave Your Ego at the Door”
MMA Basics (Ground Technique) – Standing up from the Guard”
MMA Striking Basics – Keeping the Elbows In – A Coach’s Drill”
MMA Basics (Striking Technique) – Keeping Elbows In – Solo Drill”
MMA Basics – Jump Rope Trick – Knee High Raises”


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