Drilling,Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Rolling and MMA wrestling/groundwork = tired!


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Just got up from teaching and training tonight here at Joslin’s MMA.

I say up because upstairs above the gym is the home where my parents now live; the same place that my two brothers and I grew up in.

I’m feeling pretty tired after a long day filled with some intense training. Earlier in the day I managed to get in some technique practice for an hour or two and after heading home for a few hours I ended up back here at Joslin’s teaching kids class and a few adult ones as well.

We worked some 1/2 guard passes in the adult BJJ class and some take downs/take down defense in the MMA lesson. Everyone did very well and I’m definitely looking forward to getting back on the mats tomorrow!

Time to head home! Good night…


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  1. Damn, that is a lot of intense exercise. How do you do it?

    At one point I was doing 9 hours of BJJ a week with another 5 or so hours of cardio and weight lifting too I was so tired all the time.

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