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Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin is available to visit your martial arts school to teach a fun, highly detailed and informative seminar.

Jeff prides himself on making sure everyone on hand fully understands and can execute each of the many techniques he shows during his 3 or 6 hour seminars. Seminar technique is always at a level where students feel comfortable and enjoying themselves, never feeling overwhelmed by too much technique or movements that are much too difficult for their skill level. For the more advanced students Jeff shares extra details on each technique, instantly making them work more effectively on the mats.

Are you an instructor thinking about booking Jeff for a seminar?

Don’t hesitate.As part of the seminar package Jeff will spend extra time working with you on your standup game or ground techniques, rolling, holding pads and sparring you with the goal of leaving you with many techniques that will greatly improve your skill set.

For a fantastic training experience that will add a wealth of technical knowlege to your game, book a seminar with Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin.

For pricing information or to book a seminar please contact Jeff through our contact form.