Team Joslin MMA Fighter Steve Bingham wins over George Abdallah at Border Wars!


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Early this morning I got back after a fun night in Port Huron Michigan.

A small crew of us –Kevin, Mike, Antonio, and I–headed down with our fighter Steve Bingham and his family to the Border Wars mixed martial arts event.

Steve, who was going into the fight with a 4-1 amateur record, fought in the main event against undefeated (3-0) fighter, George Abdallah from Adrenalin Training Center in London, Ontario.

Watching some of George’s previous fights, we had a strong feeling that he would try to attempt to use a thai style clinch in an attempt to knee Steve in the body and face. He had done exactly that really well in his previous victories.

We drilled many counters to that type of clinch and it definately paid off. Steve showed some good composure throughout the fight, landing some crisp strikes and reacted like a friggin Ninja to catch the armlock submission after only 32 seconds.

Here’s the fight vid…

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