Team Joslin’s Takes Home 16 medals from Grapplers Quest National Championships – London, Ontario


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I just wanted to congratulate all of my students who competed in the Grappler’s Quest tournament this weekend in London, Ontario. Great job guys!

When the smoke cleared and the tournament was over, we ended up taking home a pile of medals. In total I believe the numbers were 6 gold medals, 5 silver, 4 bronze medals and one fourth place finish.

  • Shane Callaghan – 2 Golds
  • Wyatt Leblanc – Gold
  • Mike Hoad – Gold
  • Joe Martin– Gold,Silver
  • Michelle Fulton– Gold
  • Dave Mark- Silver
  • Cory Dunne– Silver
  • Rudy Sbranchella– Silver
  • Ryan Dickson– Bronze,Bronze
  • James Long – Silver,Bronze
  • Eric Dufresne – Bronze
  • Lam Ngo– 4th place

(I think I have all of the results in. If I missed anyone please let me know.)

It’s great to see everyone’s hard work paying off. Also I’m loving the new BJJ schedule and am fired up about now being able to teach more gi classes than ever before.

See everyone on the mats tomorrow night!

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  1. stephen b says:

    joey martin got gold and a silver! good job to everyone!

  2. Mel LeBlanc says:


    I’m sure you’ve heard, the guy Wyatt beat was 270lbs !!

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