Team Joslin battles it out! Ryan Dickson & Steve Bingham Victorious in Michigan.


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MMA Fight Night!

It was a long drive –over 4 hours– from Hamilton, Ontario to the MMA event venue in Flint, Michigan but we managed to arrive long before the fights were to begin.

A buddy of mine, Kris, who also trains with us –a BJJ purple belt–, ended up driving while Ryan and me rode along as passengers.  Our other fighter Steve Bingham traveled with some members of his family.

Hoping to head home right after the fights, it would have been great if our fights were early on in the line-up but that was far from the case. Out of a total 29 amateur MMA fights, we were fights numbers 23 and 28.  We didn’t get out of there until well past midnight.

The fights went really well. Both Steve and Ryan each earned another “win” on their record with perfectly executed arm locks. Ryan landed his submission early in the very first round –45 seconds in I believe– and Steve slapped his on with 1 minute remaining in a three round war. His opponent was tough! After surviving repeated triangle attacks and landing some strikes in the process, he was forced to tap out when Steve locked on an ultra tight and powerful arm lock.

Here’s a video with some highlights from the night…

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  1. James Beneteau says:

    If you ever end up closer to Detroit, you guys could always kill time or practice at my gym in Garden City Michigan. Stars and Strikes kickboxing & MMA.

  2. paulo nogueira says:

    hi friend jeff,man congratulations, excellent work that the guys did, im excitaded to train in a real time with you perhaps here in portugal lol lol,bye my friend

  3. Chrystopher Sandoval says:

    God bless you, I would like to congratulate excellent fights

  4. Awesome job Team Joslin.

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