It’s Friday night and We’re in Chicago for the Flawless Fighting MMA event.


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Just sitting here hanging out in the hotel room with Ryan Dickson. Tomorrow he’ll do battle with local fighter Jason Graves at the Flawless Fighting Championships. He’s done all of his homework in the gym and is in great shape so we’re both very excited for fight time.

We arrived yesterday by plane –from Buffalo– and spent a few hours sitting around our hotel watching T.V before getting some sleep; Not much else happened other than that.

This morning we got up early to search out a place where we could find a scale and a sauna to cut the extra weight that Ryan had to lose before the event weigh-ins.

With a few hours to kill midway through the day we squeezed in watching a movie as well –“The Watch” which was pretty damn funny– at a nearby theater. It only costed us seven bucks! That was a pretty good deal did compared to Canadian movie prices.

After returning to our hotel we chilled out for a bit before jumping onto a shuttle to head to an MMA gym in downtown Chicago for the weigh-ins. Ryan’s opponent weighed in almost five pounds over –totally unprofessional move by him– but we’ve agreed to fight regardless.

I’m about to close up the laptop and lie down to get some sleep. That is after I finish kicking my wife’s butt at online scrabble. I’m up by a few points with only a few turns left and I never beat her so wish me luck!

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@*($…I’m back and just wanted to let you know my wife beat me by 2 points!

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