Kids in MMA – Kids in the Cage. A Good idea?


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A few hours ago I received a call from Scott Thompson at Chml Radio.

It turns out that earlier today he came across a mixed martial arts video showing some kids fighting inside a cage.. After mentioning the video on his radio show, the station received many emails and comments about the issue. I’ll bet most of them were against seeing our children¬†battling it out inside the cage.¬†I fully agree with them!

I would much rather see our kids learning and competing in the various martial arts that make up MMA; developing their skills, confidence and respect for the arts. I also believe it’s very important that the youngsters don’t get sustain hard hits to the head while they’re learning,growing and developing both their bodies and martial skill sets.

I was out with the wife when I received his call but fortunately had enough free time to go on the air to discuss the topic with him.

Click here to listen to the interview


Update: After getting home and searching the net, I think I’ve found the video that is getting a lot of attention. A submission wrestling match inside a cage which I think is very safe–and a lot of fun for the kids!– as long as the referee is experienced.

This on the other hand is not very safe for the kids involved in my opinion:

What are you thoughts about the “Kids Fighting in MMA” topic?

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