“In the Cage” MMA Radio – Some Fun Moments


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For nearly a year I’ve been hosting an MMA Radio segment on Y108 with Ben & Kerry early in the morning on every second Tuesday.

Waking up early to make the thirty minute drive down to the station is totally worth it as we always have a blast on the show. Both Ben & Kerry are great guys and ultra witty which always makes things fun. When the three of us traveled by bus with two listeners to Montreal for the UFC event last year, I was laughing pretty much throughout the entire weekend.

I recently went through a few of the “In the Cage” shows that I have saved on my laptop and took out some of bits that were the most fun.


Visit Y108.ca for more info on Ben & Kerry’s show by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Jason says:

    That was hilarious, great stuff man.

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