“A Secret Cross” wins “Award of Excellence” and Jeff Joslin wins “Best Supporting Actor” at Los Angeles Movie Awards


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It’s been many months since my friend and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student Anthony Tullo has trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on a regular basis.

His absence wasn’t because he didn’t feel like training or because he was dealing with a serious injury. It was because he was pursuing his dream of making a feature film!

In the end he did it in a fantastic way as “A Secret Cross” came to be.

I can only imagine the insane amount of work that went on behind the scenes for Anthony as he put together the final product.  As an actor in the film I saw first hand the lengthy amount of time and work  it took to shoot only a few scenes for the film. The entire project must have been an extreme challenge.

The great news is that shortly after being sent out to numerous film festivals around the world, the  film recently received the “Award of Excellence”  by the Los Angeles Movies Awards ( in the International Category. I’m so happy for Anthony and excited to see that all of his hard work and dedication is paying off.

I still can’t believe the next part of the news. I won the “Best Supporting Actor” award for my part as the disturbed “Willy Basin”! That was totally unexpected. I must say that I had so much fun playing the role of Willy and am so happy and thankful that Anthony had enough faith in me to give me such a fantastic opportunity. I had a blast acting in “A Secret Cross” and working with the many great and talented people on the set was so much fun.

Here’s the website with the winners for 2012 –>

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  1. Bill Pickells says:

    Congratulations Jeff! As you know, we are very impressed with your acting chops! Congrats to Anthony, great Job.

    Bill & Susie Pickells

  2. Andy Ward says:

    Congrats Jeff. Make sure you thank Mike when you accept the award

  3. Mary Joslin says:

    to think there is acting in our family. WTG Jeff Joslin, proud of you cuz

  4. Chris Olech says:

    Congrats Jeff, well deserved brother!

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