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I just got back from coaching at the Flawless Fighting Championship in Chicago.

One of my fighters, Ryan Dickson won his fight in the first round via rear naked choke. Ryan’s been on a tear and has built up an overall 9-0 record (3-0 pro) in the last two years.

The cool part is that he’s finished every one of his opponent’s via TKO or submission.

Since the fight only lasted a minute and forty seconds I don’t really have much to share in terms of the techniques he used. He caught a kick to score a take down, passed the 1/2 guard to mount and forced
his opponent to give his back. From there it was all rear naked choke for the win.

Instead I want to share with you some of the mindset stuff I’ve used throughout my own career and again now as a coach to Ryan and the many other fighters on our team.

Here are some of the things I said to Ryan during our warm-up, on the way to the cage and during those very exciting moments before the fight starts.

#1 -“You’ve trained harder than ever before!”
It was true! It has to be true or his subconscious mind would have never accepted it. I told him this because knowing that he’s done all that he could have to prepare will keep him very calm.

#2 – “This is your reward bro!”
This statement reminds him of how hard he’s trained for this moment; That the fifteen minutes –or less– ahead of him is going to be so much fun because of the hundreds of hours he’s put in at the gym to prepare.

#3 – “Showcase your skills, the crowd is going to love you!”
I’ve always prided myself on being a very technical fighter. Ryan is the exact same way. The fifteen minute fight is not a scary thing for him, it’s a chance for him to excite the crowd with clean, precise striking, slick
wrestling and grappling skills. The fight is his time to shine! We let the other guy be nervous!

These are three of the many other things I repeated over and over to Ryan on Saturdaynight. I could see that he was accepting and absorbing every word and knew that he was ready to rock as soon as he stepped inside the cage.

A minute and forty seconds later his hand was raised in the center of the cage and I was jumping around like a wild man! It feels so awesome when I see my fighters win! Even better than when I won my fights.

When it comes to training, fights, grappling tournaments or everyday life activities, the same phrases –or similar ones– can help out a lot.

1) Fully prepare for whatever you’re doing

2) Think of performance time as a reward for all of the time you’ve spent preparing.

3) Show your skills proudly and aim to excite and impress all who witness you do yourthing.



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