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This past weekend three of my fighters battled it out inside the cage against three totally different types of

I’m happy to say all our guys won their scraps and even better was that they all scored their victories in
the first round. One by TKO and two by submissions due to strikes.

The guys made my job easy as I didn’t even have to go into the cage once during the fights 🙂

I didn’t know much about our opponents beforehand but I did make a few guesses after finding tiny details about them on the net.

I want to share with you my approach to preparing each of my fighters for what I gathered was their
opponents strengths. You should be able to use some of these strategies against people in the cage or at the gym in sparring.

Opponent #1 

A taller, long armed fighter that probably was skilled on the ground with average striking ability.

Our Preparation Strategy:

1)Constantly drill straight punches and quick forward movement to close the distance against the taller opponent and also to increase punching power.

2)Use smooth head movement to present a difficult target for the opponent to hit

3)Drill single leg double leg take downs away from and against the cage since our fighter would be probably be
the stronger of the two.

Opponent #2 

A short, very strong, muscular type fighter that can box

Our Preparation Strategy:

1)Work on fighting from the outside from a stationary position and while moving backwards. Keeping the opponent at the end
of our punches at all times!

2)Drill the crap out of single and double leg take downs while using punching combinations to set them up

3)Heavy conditioning work to prevent fatigue and give our fighter the ability to withstand the initial aggressive attack we knew this
guy would bring (we were right!)

Opponent #3

A shorter fighter that was mainly a jiu-jitsu guy

Our Preparation Strategy:

1) Work lots of counter wrestling

2) Hone a number of ways to get off the bottom from the buttefly
guard, 1/2 guard and closed guard positions

3) Drill multiple punch boxing combinations especially those leading with the cross because we anticipated the opponent holding his hands up in the wrong places.

If you like this type of strategy stuff let me know and I’ll be sure to put together an article covering these in greater detail and other types of fighters as well.


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