Fighting a Southpaw? Here are some tips to help you out – The Jeff Joslin MMA Newsletter – 08/29/12


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This weekend was crazy busy!

On Saturday I had World BJJ champ Caio Terra at my martial arts school to teach a seminar. He showed some slick technique from the 50/50 guard which was cool because I never use that guard when I roll. I will now though *evil laugh*…well maybe just sometimes.

As soon as the seminar was done, I rushed downtown with my fighter Ryan Dickson to the Hamilton Place Theatre where the Score Fighting Series –a pro MMA event– was set to go down that night. Ryan was all set to fight against a tough opponent from Ottawa and we ended up being the 4th fight of the night on the card.

When all was said and done, Ryan won in the first round by a KO that ended up being chosen as “KO of the night” by the show. No cash bonus for that though :(. He’s really putting together a good record: 10 wins, no losses with all wins being by sub or KO.

Here’s a rough video of the fight from the crowd. The official fight video –which will without a doubt be much better quality– should be up online soon.

Ryan Dickson (Team Joslin) vs. Chris St. Jean – Score Fighting Series – Handheld Videos

Preparing for the fight, we worked many techniques specifically for the southpaw opponent that Ryan -who is a right handed fighter–would be facing. I’m going to share with you a couple of those concepts/techniques so you can try them out on any southpaw–which means they have their right leg forward and are generally left handed– opponents that step to you in training/competition.

Tips when fighting a Southpaw

1) Try to finish punching combinations with your lead hook so that you can easily move your body in that direction after completing your last punch of the combo. Moving to the side that’ll put you behind your opponent’s back will keep you away from getting knocked the hell out by their power hand or power kick –like Crocop’s head kick!. The good thing is that you’ll still be able to attack them as you move behind them so throw crisp jabs repeatedly as you step to that side.

2) When throwing your jab, your cross or your jab/cross combination try to step your lead leg slightly outwards –and forwards– so that it lies just outside the line of your opponent’s lead foot. This will keep your head off the line of fire, lessen the chance of eating their straight left and will make it easier to land your lead hand hook if you decide to throw it.

3) Try to throw many right side techniques as they will be very hard to block your southpaw opponent. The straight right hand will be a huge weapon for you, the right knee to the body is also very useful at close range and the right leg body kick is always a great option that hurts so bad. Remember that you on the other hand can be open for their left side attacks so be ready to counter those attacks or move away from power side at all times.

Hope these tips help you dominate some southpaws and I hope all your training is going well!


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  1. Wayne says:

    I would also recommend not throwing a left kick, because if they catch it, it allows them to throw a counter punch with their power hand. And if you aren’t aware of small things like this, you will get hurt bad. It happened to my friend in a smoker fight and he got KO’d.

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