Fight Crew Member Profile – Up & Comer (MMA) – Jonathan Baldree


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The best part about starting the FIGHT CREW (my newsletter list)  is that I get to connect with people from all over the world. It’s pretty cool that through the internet I am able to share techniques with people in Australia, England, Brazil and many other places around the globe.

Many of them are training in their hometowns looking to simply get in better shape through MMA training; some are training hard in preparation for MMA competition in the future. Others are already in the mix, fighting in cages or rings at both amateur and professional levels with dreams of making it to the big leagues.

Johnathan Baldree is one of those fighters. Fighting out of Jacksonville, Florida, with a 2-0 pro MMA record Johnathon has done well in his young MMA career. He’s been able to win all of his fights in under 2 minutes showing he’s got the drive to get in there and take care of business quick.

Here’s a little more about Jonathan…

Fighter’s Name:
Johnathan Baldree
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
MMA Record
2-0 (Pro)
How many years have you been training in martial arts/combat disciplines ?
13 Years
What was your first combat style?
When getting ready for a fight what’s your training schedule like? (days per week/hours per day)
5 days per week/3-6 hours per day
In two words or less describe your first MMA fight
Slam! Tap!
How many lbs. do you normally cut in the last month before a fight?
How much do you watch MMA? (All the time/often/occasionally/almost never)
All the time!
What’s been your worst MMA related injury?
Broken Fibula
Do you teach martial arts / combat discipline (ie. boxing, wrestling etc.) classes?
Prefer the UFC or Pride Rules? –  UFC Rules
UFC Rules
Striking, ground and pound or victory by submission?
Does Mom like, hate, or doesn’t mind the fact that you’re a pro fighter?
Hates it!
Have you ever had bust out your MMA skills to defend yourself in the street (as a last resort of course)?

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