Fight Crew Fighter Profile – Up & Comers – Randy Chung


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Fight Crew member Randy Chung is an amateur  MMA fighter fighting out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He represents Gracie Barra Calgary &  Mi Zong Luo Han Chinese Kickboxing and currently holds a 1-0 record. Great start so far. I look forward to seeing him fight more in the future.

Fighter’s Name:
Randy Chung

Calgary, Alberta

Gracie Barra Calgary, , Mi Zong Luo Han Chinese Kickboxing
MMA Record
1-0 Amateur 5-0 Pankration
How many years have you been training in martial arts/combat disciplines ?
19 Years
What was your first combat style?
Shotokan Karate
When getting ready for a fight what’s your training schedule like? (days per week/hours per day)
6 days per week/ 2-3 hours per day
In two words or less describe your first MMA fight
How many lbs. do you normally cut in the last month before a fight?
6-7 lbs.
.       How much do you watch MMA? (All the time/often/occasionally/almost never)
All the time!
What’s been your worst MMA related injury?
Torn ACL, MCL, Meniscus
.       Do you teach martial arts / combat discipline (ie. boxing, wrestling etc.) classes?
Volunteer in Class
Prefer the UFC or Pride Rules? –  UFC Rules
Pride Rules
Striking, ground and pound or victory by submission?
Does Mom like, hate, or doesn’t mind the fact that you’re a pro fighter?
Hates it!
Have you ever had bust out your MMA skills to defend yourself in the street (as a last resort of course)?
Just to control a stupid drunk friend

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