Just got in from the “Dinner of Champions” Charity Event


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Just got in from a great dinner at the “Dinner of Champions” event here in Hamilton, Ontario. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be one of the 40 guest professional athletes –we were each at a different table– ¬†amongst some big names such as Wendel Clark, Harry Howell, Johnny Bower, Mike Krushelnyski, Wilf Paiemont, Angelo Mosca and many more.

The event’s purpose was to raise money, through the dinner, a silent auction, and a live auction, for the Canadian Diabetes Association. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera but I did take a bunch of pictures with the guests so maybe some of them will pop up on facebook soon. I would have gotten my pic with Wendall Clark for sure. That guy is awesome!

I’ll be taking part in another charity event when I MC the Playful Chick Las Vegas Style Fashion Show this coming Saturday. Don’t worry I’ll bring the camera to that one!

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