Hamilton – Ontario – BJJ – Joslin’s MMA In House Tourney in Support of Cancer Research


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What a great weekend this past one was! On Saturday everyone at Joslin’s MMA had a busy day. First off, a large group of students came out early in the day to compete in the “Prostate Cancer Fundraiser” In-house tournament which was being held in Hamilton, Ontario at Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts.

All of the students did awesome! As referee I witnessed some great battles as everyone fought their butts off in support of a great cause. Four hours later it was all done and there were a lot of smiles on the faces of everyone who competed, especially those who picked up a medal in the process.

For many of the white belt competitors the event was the first competition they had ever entered and I thought they all did very well. Throughout the day their were some slick submissions, a few crazy scrambles and a few big take downs as well. I’ve put together a video with some of the highlights that were caught on our camera…

Thanks to Debbie for all your help setting things up and to Luke for bringing us the great idea of hosting such an event. Also thanks to all who came out to compete and watch the event. Great job!

After the tournament there was a grading where I presented two of my students with their Black Belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (the first 2 I’ve ever given out). I’ll post about that –and share video– very soon.

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