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First let’s work on the different types of mount positions. Each has it’s own strengths and each should be used without hesitation when your opponent changes their escape posture . Mastering the details in the following videos will tighten and improve your mount position drastically:

The High Mount Position
[jwplayer mediaid=”5456″]
The Low Mount Position
[jwplayer mediaid=”5457″]
Moving from Low Mount to High Mount - Using Hands
[jwplayer mediaid=”5458″]
Moving from Low Mount to High Mount - Using Knees
[jwplayer file=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/jjmma/MMAMasterSeries/Dominatingfromthemount/Volume1/dtm-04-movingfromlowtohighwknees.flv”]
Opponent Turns on Side - The Seated Mount
[jwplayer mediaid=”5460″]
Opponent Turns onto Stomach - Taking the Back
[jwplayer mediaid=”5461″]
Back Position - Basic Flattening Motion
[jwplayer mediaid=”5462″]

After getting punched in the face a few times y0ur opponent will try to escape using many different methods. This next bunch of videos will give you the tools to shutdown all of those escapes with very little effort or energy:

Basing Out with Both Hands
[jwplayer mediaid=”5463″]
Changing his Bench Press Motion into a Tricep Press
[jwplayer mediaid=”5464″]
Counter Bench Press Push - Arm Swim Motion
[jwplayer mediaid=”5465″]
Stopping a Two Hand Push to the Side
[jwplayer mediaid=”5466″]
Countering the Overhead Leg Wrap Escape
[jwplayer mediaid=”5467″]
Wrist/Elbow Lift vs. Knee Push
[jwplayer mediaid=”5468″]
Knee Hinge vs. 2 Hand Knee Push
[jwplayer mediaid=”5469″]
Avoiding the Overhook Arm Trap
[jwplayer mediaid=”5470″]
Arm Shake to Free Trapped Arm
[jwplayer mediaid=”5471″]
Avoiding Underhook Arm Trap
[jwplayer mediaid=”5472″]
Taking the Back When Opponent Sits Up
[jwplayer mediaid=”5473″]
Preventing Opponent from Getting Elbows In
[jwplayer mediaid=”5474″]

If your opponent is skilled they may eventually get into a strong escape posture with their elbows in tight and their legs positioned in a way that limits your use of the low mount. In the next couple of videos I show you how to ruin all of  their escape attempts:

Countering the Hip Lift Escape
[jwplayer mediaid=”5475″]
Hip Escape Counter #1 - Head Control
[jwplayer mediaid=”5476″]
Hip Escape Counter #2 - Hip Twist
[jwplayer mediaid=”5477″]
Hip Escape Counter #3 - Toe Block
[jwplayer file=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/jjmma/MMAMasterSeries/Dominatingfromthemount/Volume1/dtm-26–stophipescwithtoeblock.flv”]