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Getting Into the Mount Position Is Tough!

If you mount at the wrong time or using weak technique you’ll quickly find yourself stuck back inside the 1/2 or full guard position. That means you’ll have to work very hard all over again to pass the guard before you have another chance to mount.

In the video below I’m going to show you a high percentage technique that I’ve used at every belt level to move myself from side control into the mount position.

Master it and you’ll find it very useful in your training:


[jwplayer file=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/jjmma/MMAMasterSeries/Dominatingfromthemount/AutoRes/elbowovegetmount.flv”]

Now  for an important follow up to the first technique. Sometimes your opponent will try to turn you over onto your back when you turn you body on it’s side. Practice the movement I teach you in the next video a lot and y0u’ll find yourself hoping that he bridges to turn you over:

[jwplayer file=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/jjmma/MMAMasterSeries/Dominatingfromthemount/AutoRes/elbowovergetmountwhenbridge.flv”]

Once your in the mount position you’ll need to have some great control to keep it.  I’ve posted a video –which is one of the vids from my “Dominate from the Mount”  training series– at the link below where I teach you the Low Mount position, which in my opinion the most important mount control technique a fighter needs when facing a strong, fresh opponent.

===> Click to see the video <===