The Time I Ruined A Good Beer…


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I ruined a good beer. I’m very ashamed to say it but it happened. It was a some point during the second round of my match with Jon Fitch.

My face had been bloodied up near the end of the first round when I had been struck by a violent headbutt during a striking exchange that caused blood to pour from my nose. A round later, the blood began to thicken as it merged with the increasing amount of sweat that was steadily building on my face as we battled beneath a huge set of powerful lights.

Leaping forward, Fitch attacked with a jab followed by a cross which would have done some damage had I not slid out of the way towards my right side. The speed in which I removed myself from the path of the flurry cause a long strand the sweat thickened blood to ooze from my nose. I re-actively reached for it in an attempt to improve my ability to breathe and rid myself of the awkward feeling it was giving me as it began to hang lower and lower.

As soon as my hands gripped hold of the sweaty blood obstruction, I turned and tossed it someplace behind me. A split second later I realized that I had just thrown it through the ring’s ropes directly towards the line of people that had purchased VIP tickets and were sitting ringside. I felt bad for a moment as I thought about some guy being struck by my bloody projectile but a quick takedown attempt by Jon Fitch brought me back to the reality of the fight.

The next day, while talking to the fight promoter, I remembered the incident and mentioned it to him. He laughed loudly and told me that the blood had landed in his friend’s beer. Even better, he said that he had a picture of it. He gave me the picture and I was surprised to see that the guy seemed excited about it all. I’m sure his reaction would have been different had it landed on his head.

Here’s a video of me throwing the blood into the crowd

[jwplayer mediaid=”4206″]

And here’s the pic of where it landed

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