The Dangers of Being an MMA Referee!


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Check out this video where the referee is mistaken for the other fighter by a guy who was rocked by a hard punch. Crazy!

It makes me remember the times I used to watch my father referee back in the day. He was the head referees in Ontario and had a unique style of doing his job in there. He wouldn’t put up with any crap and did a great job of keeping the action going strong.

Problem was, as a teenager I was always nervous that a fighter would try to hit him for some reason or another. I could never just sit back and enjoy the fights; instead I’d keep watching closely, watching for any trouble.

If this would have happened to my Dad I probably would have jumped in the cage to help pull the guy off, although I really don’t think my Dad needed any help in there.

Cruising around Youtube I came across this vid too. It looks like being a ref in any sport can be dangerous…

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