MMA Cheap Shots!


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Man! I just came across these two videos, watched them and now I’m pissed!

What’s wrong with a fighter when he makes a gesture to touch gloves before fighting only to follow it up with what I believe is a total cheap shot attack.

That being said a fighter should protect themselves at all times. I almost fought a fighter at an event when I was the commentator when I threw his blood filled towel back at him after he tossed it on my shoulder while leaving the cage. I’m not one for touching hands when the bell rings and if my opponent reaches out to touch gloves I’d probably ignore it as the fight is already on. However, I would never,ever fake like I was going to touch gloves to purposely open up my opponent for attack. That’s a cowardly move.

I think the two guys in these videos give the sport of MMA a bad name. They make the UFC villians look like superheroes.

Check’em out…

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  1. Zachary Purdy says:

    The “winner” in the first video doesn’t stop walking back and forth in the cage. Like he’s waiting for someone else to step up to his skills haha.

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