Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grading Day – Congrats to All!


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This past weekend, another BJJ team belt testing took place and as always it was great to see everyone on the mats doing their thing.

Thanks to everyone from Kitchener/Waterloo and my good friend Dragan Konjevic for their hospitality.

The turnout was fantastic with 70 people on the mats rolling, sharing techniques and supporting their friends as they tested for their next belts in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Those testing were required to demonstrate a large set of techniques and then went on to roll (spar) for a very,very long time with fresh training partners rotating in continuously.

The tough 3 hour session concluded with many well deserved belt promotions.

Congrats to all who graded:

New Blue Belts –> Matt, Mike, Dylan, Jimmy, John, David, ┬áToni, Andrej and Steve Y

New Purple Belts –> Mike Kocmarek, Mike Samson, and Jeff Duarte

and to Drew Ruttle who earned his well deserved brown belt after many years of training.

You guys all did a great job!

Here’s a video with some highlights from the day


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