UFC 120 Weigh-ins tomorrow at the UFC Fan Expo – London, England


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Everything has been going very well here during the last week of preparation for UFC 120. The week has gone by so fast and Spencer will be ready to jump on the scales to make 155 tomorrow at the weigh-in which is taking place at the UFC fan expo. I know he’s looking forward to eating  a massive amount of food after that’s all done with.

Today we had a good training session. Our training room was filled with a bunch of different fighters, all doing their thing as they get ready for Saturday. We were off to one side of the room working on the hand mitts while Akiyama was grappling beside us. Caol Uno was there as well as the familiar face of Canadian fighter Claude Patrick. All of the fighters from England are in the other training room.

It was pretty funny yesterday when about ten guys were sitting and waiting outside the workout room, because they thought the door was locked. The problem wasn’t that, it was that you had to push and not pull the door to open it. The tricky thing is that the door absolutely looks like you need to pull it to open. One of the UFC event co-ordinators showed up and simply pushes it open. Too funny.

I’m going to go get some sleep. I’ve taken a ton of video during this week and throughout the entire trip and will be putting together a compilation when I get back home…

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  1. Lance says:


    Free to download the Fisher vs Warburton

    Great fight to watch once again.

    Some nice compliments for Jeff from Joe Rogan during the fight.

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