UFC 120 Training Camp – Day 32 – “The MMA Sparring Machine”


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Early morning MMA sparring!

Gotta love getting punched in the face right after waking up. That’s what Spencer’s sparring partners were feeling today as we switched them into to spar with him one after another for every single round. Eight rounds later, Spencer threw his sweat drenched t-shirt to the side, took a few minutes to rest and then came back to work through two more rounds on the hand mitts.

I was really impressed at how he handled so many three minute rounds of hard training. That was until I went to reset the timer and noticed that the rounds were set to run for four minutes! Then I was ultra impressed. The scheduled three five minute rounds at UFC 120 will feel short for Spencer compared to the way he’s been training, especially if he knocks this guy out early in the fight. A Ko of the night or submission of the night would be awesome! I think it could definitely happen.

After training it was off to the trails for another forty minute run. It’s getting really tough to keep up with Spencer during our recent roadwork sessions and that’s a very good thing; It’s obvious he’s is getting in better shape all the time. We’ve had to train around a few aches and pains but that’s expected after all the training we’ve done so far. I remember that for me, at this point in my own training camps, it’s always my biceps and elbows that burn, ache and throb so much that it’s almost unbearable. I don’t miss that feeling one bit.

I think some drilling of arm lock attacks, triangles and ways of standing up from the bottom instead of overdoing the full out live grappling for a day or two should do the trick in helping that pain subside.

I’m going to chill out for a bit and then get some sleep, to rest up for tomorrow’s training session. I’m really going to make Spencer work hard on the mitts, both boxing and Muay Thai style. The final three minutes of his final will be non-stop punching. Should be good!

Good night…

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