UFC 121 Training Camp Journal – Day 17 – “Running, BJJ and Boxing”


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A Long Jog, Boxing on the Mitts and some BJJ training

Woke up today feeling pretty well rested, although the memory of another Scrabble beating from my wife was still fresh in my mind. Man I suck at things other than fighting. My wife always mentions the fact that my ability to fix broken things around the house is pretty much nonexistent. I usually reply by telling her that my skill set would be put to good use if anyone every breaks in but she doesn’t find that very funny for some unknown reason.

Spencer woke up with the desire to go for a five mile run. Shouting from the top of the staircase he asked me if I wanted go with him. Now I really haven’t run long distance for over six years because of a small tear in my meniscus –which is in my knee– that sometimes seizes up and causes me to start limping in the middle of a run. With my new shoes and my conditioning feeling pretty good I decided to go. We took a smile drive and arrived at the place where we would start the run. It was a nice spot; a long jogging trail that continually led us through heavily treed areas which was a nice change from the paved sidewalks I used to run so often back home. The good news is that my knee held up for the entire run, although it was a little sore walking down stairs after getting home. The even better news is that Spencer found two dollars on the ground while we were running and threw it over to me to keep. Making money while running; pretty cool đŸ™‚

Mid-day Spencer and I hit up the gym to do some training. Four rounds on the hand mitts is what I started with for Spencer. His hands are looking shaper all the time as his conditioning level increases and the two of us get used to training with one another. After the mitt work we hit the mats and focused on some very important ground fighting positions. I then sat out and watched Spencer roll with a few of his guys, shouting in small instructions every once and a while. The great thing about training Spencer is that the guy listens and tries to pull of everything that I’m asking him to try. That’s really a coach’s dream; a person that trains hard, has a lot of experience and skill but yet is willing and looking to try and learn new ways of doing things. I’ve also learned a lot from him as well through watching and seeing how he likes to do things in training.

The rest of my night was fairly uneventful. After a visit to the grocery store, I’m here at the house now just lying around before I get some sleep…

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