UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 6 – “Car Trouble”


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I had a brutal sleep last night, still feeling pretty crappy due to the cold.

The Nine o’clock in the morning group lesson was focused on kickboxing. That is after it took us quite a while to get to the gym. We had a funny thing happen to use on the way there when Spencer’s car ran out of gas. With the gym supposedly being not very far away and his students waiting for us to show up, we –Spencer, Josh Neer (who is visiting for a few day) and myself- decided to run there with our gear in hand. The only problem was that I had friggin sandals on! So there’s me, trying to keep up with Spencer and Josh while my sandals are flopping around the entire time during a run that turned out to be way longer than I had expected. Good times!

Arriving at the gym, which lies inside a huge fitness gym, we wasted no time as Spencer started off the class by showing some great kickboxing combinations to the team. Afterwards I broke down the basics of punching with power for everyone focusing mainly on the cross and the hook. Everyone hit the gym after class for some weight training and hit the road for a run after that was done. I totally did not feel up to running so I just sat around until they were all done. Lunch was next as Eric, the Reinhardt –Jason & Justin– brothers and I headed to a local Thai restaurant. It was pretty damn good!

Jason Reinhardt –and his brother– just made the three hour drive from his hometown to join in on our training camp. He just got word that he’ll be fighting on an upcoming WEC card against one on China’s best fighters. I forget the guys name but I think he’s undefeated out there. With not much time until the fight, Jason’s ramped up his training and will be looking to bust his butt to get into fight shape. Both he and his bro seem like really good guys; it’s definitely good to have them here with us.

Later in the day I fell asleep. Spencer and the guys couldn’t wake me for the five o’clock sparring session. I woke up disappointed that I missed training but decided to use the time to get some rest in the hopes of shaking this sickness. I’m going to give the wife a call right now and then I’m going back to sleep. Jiu-Jitsu is in the morning so hopefully a good night’s rest will get me back to normal.

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  1. Zachary says:

    Should’ve pushed the car for a workout!

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