UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 13 – “Boxing, Takedowns & Scrabble”


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Last night I ended up watching Repo man which turned out to be a pretty good movie. Had a good talk with my wife Corene and it seems like the stress back home was a little less than it was the day before which was good to hear. Being so far away from home has left me unable to help her out or even talk with here as much as I normally would. It’s pretty frustrating at times.

This morning I woke up and grabbed what has become my usual breakfast: Some protein powder that was quickly mixed into a glass of water and a banana smeared with peanut butter. We then jetted over to the gym where I held pads for Spencer. After working through our many of our regular combinations, we started to bring some kicks and knees into the mix. His hands looked really sharp today and his uppercut had a powerful pop to it. I hope he can pull that punch off in the fight as it will be game over for his opponent if he does.

After all the punching we drilled a few fundamental takedowns that can be applied either in the center of the cage or up against the fence. I really think Spencer can beat this kid on the feet and on the ground. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out come fight time.

About an hour or so ago, we drove to McDonalds for a sweet tea. It was without a doubt the busiest McDonalds I’ve ever been too in my entire life. Located across from a high school, there must have been a hundred and fifty people in there. After stepping inside the restaurant and noticing the horde of people within, we quickly decided not to wait it out. Funny thing was, on the way out Spencer walked up to the drive-in window and tried to place an order ahead of the fifteen or so cars that were waiting in the line-up. Even better was that the girl behind the glass took his order and passed him his two drinks. It was too funny!

I’m lying in bed now on the computer. In a few hours we’re going back to Pena’s Davenport Boxing Club to train. I’m definitely looking forward to it…

It’s late at night and I just got back from eating some steak and a baked potato at the Outback restaurant. Earlier Spencer and I once again trained at the Davenport Boxing Club. We did some Shadowboxing, heavy bag work and I’ll also spent some time working with a strange type of  bag designed to improve your head movement. What the small bag –probably the size of a fist– does is swing back and forth, forcing you to move your head side to side in order to evade it. In between head movements I fired out specific punch combinations depending on which side my head was ended up on. Spencer did a few rounds on the pads with one of the gym’s trainers and one of the fighters was nice enough to ask us if we wanted to run some stairs with the team after training. What was also cool was that Mr. Pena, the founder of the gym decades ago, shared with us some really cool stories about his life in boxing including a really funny part about the time he was a pro wrestler.

I’ve been doing so much training over the little while; it feels as though I’ve dropped about 20 friggin pounds. Checking the scale last night I weighed 195 lbs. Not that much difference from the weight I was when I first got here but I’ve definitely burned some fat and rebuilt some muscle.

I just figured out how to play scrabble online so I think I’m now going to give my wife a call to see if she wants to battle me online in a game. She has the damn game on her iphone and after playing so often, she seems to kick my ass every time we play. Hopefully tonight will be different…

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