UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 9 – “The Mount Position”


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Waking up today I’m feeling really tired. Last night was the first night I stayed up past midnight and I’m feeling it today. All the training we’ve been doing has made falling asleep way too easy. Back home I’m usually up until two or three in the morning but here I can’t seem to stay awake very long at night for some reason. Maybe I’m still adjusting to the time zone difference.

I think today I’m going to head into the gym to do a little gi training with one of Spencer’s fighters. Yes, I said Gi training! It should be fun. After that Spencer and I are going to do some hard training as well. Probably some more pad work and rolling.

I’m going to go see what time Eric wants to roll…

I’m sitting in bed right now, the day’s gone by fast and it’s around ten o’clock at night I think. Today turned out a little different than I had thought it would and I didn’t get to suit up in my gi at all. A few hours after Spencer returned from a long morning jog we decided to hit the gym. Once there we drilled a couple of techniques from side control and worked on the movements necessary to really secure the mount position well. A lot of fighters don’t like using the mount as much as side control because they sometimes find themselves getting reversed from there and even worse often end up in the bottom position. I’ve always liked the mount but feel that there are some very important details that need to be mastered before a fighter –or grappler– can feel truly confident there.

I think I’m going to spend the next week or so focusing on the mount position by sharing a lot of the details I’ve picked up over the years in training and competition.

Right now I’m really not feeling too well which kind of sucks. My head is a bit off, my eyes are feeling a little sensitive to light and I’m having slight difficulty in focusing my thoughts. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that I bumped my head going down the staircase yesterday or because I’m over tired. All I know is that I hope I can shake the crappy feeling with a good sleep tonight.

Speaking of sleep, I’m off to get some…

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