UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 7 – “Wrestling with Josh Neer”


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Josh Neer shows some takedown tricks

Not wanting to miss another training session I set my blackberry alarm for eight o’clock this morning and it did a good job in waking me up from a deep sleep. Still feeling a little under the weather, I headed to the gym with Spencer for some jiu-jitsu training.

I started the workout off with a fun way to warm up. I picked it up from Royce Gracie when he visited my martial arts school a while back. What I did was have everyone roll with one each other without any resistance. Instead of worrying about control, submissions or being overly technical the goal is simply to keep moving for the entire round. It’s tough to do since most people tend to resist falling into bad situations but when done right, the non-stop action is great for getting the heart rate up and prepping the body for training. After that I had everyone do a drill where both they and their partner work together while rolling to see how many times they can score submissions. It’s up to one student to lock on the submissions while the other guy tries to feed himself into as many of them as he/she can. The students with more experience usually get a much higher submission count than the newest guys but it’s a fun drill for everyone doing it.

For the drilling portion of the lesson, I showed the guys some more ways to dominate from side control which they all drilled for ten minutes or so. After that it was live rolling for three 10 minute rounds. I jumped into the mix rolling with Spencer, Jason Reinhardt and UFC/Bellator Veteran Josh Neer who is visiting to help Spencer prepare for his fight. It was some great training!

That wasn’t all. A few carloads of us headed to the local high school stadium for a cardio workout afterward all that Jiu-Jitsu. Thirty minutes later, the morning session was completed. I was tired, hungry, thirsty and my legs were on fire. With the training day half way through, we’re hitting the mats again several hours later for some MMA technique and rolling with the small gloves –4 ounce– on. That should be fun. I’m going to try and grab an hour or so of rest after I make a few phone calls…

Well, night training went well. Josh Neer ended up teaching an awesome sequence of takedowns that can be applied when you have your opponent pressed up into the cage. We practiced them for a while and then did several rounds of rolling. I ended up coming out of that training session with a bunch of new tricks that I will definitely be putting to use right away.

Talking with a few people back home, it sounds as though things are going well there. It’s going to be very tough to be away from my family and students for so long. I’ll be heading back home for a couple of days near the end of this month for our seminar with Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. It’ll be great to see everyone that’s for sure.

I’m off to bed, tomorrow we kickbox!

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