UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 5 – “A Sick Day!”


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MMA training must go on…

I woke up feeling pretty bad this morning. My throat had an itch in it and my energy level is feeling pretty low as well.

We hit the gym for the first training session of the day at nine o’clock in the morning. A jiu-jitsu session where I taught a few details on how to tightly secure side control and move into the mount while putting a massive amount of pressure on the opponent’s head. Still not feeling well, I sat out on the rolling part of class as well as the training afterwards when Spencer and his crew did some very tough conditioning exercises outdoors in front of the gym. Medicine ball tosses, box jumps, sled pulls and a lot, lot more. I was have trouble breathing through my nose and really didn’t want to make it worse or get anyone else -especially Spencer– sick.

Everyone I’ve met around here that trains martial arts seems to have had some fighting pro or amateur experience. That’s very strange to me since MMA fighting has not been allowed back home in Ontario until very recently. I’d say that a very small percentage of Ontario martial artists have fought in mixed martial arts competition but down here it’s the exact opposite. With fight cards being held here all the time, in bars, strip clubs, arenas and many other places, there is no shortage of opportunities for a fighter that’s looking to to test his or her skill in MMA competition. I’m not sure how much money is being made in those fights, but it’s reality based fighting experience none the less. The fact that so many great fighters –including 3 or 4 UFC Champs– came out of this part of the country tells of how fighting is firmly embedded into the area’s culture.

By the time the evening came around I was feeling a bit better and decided to jump into some MMA rolling rounds — with 4-ounce gloves– with the guys after we all practiced some of my favourite ways to ground and pound a downed opponent. The cold I have definitely took it’s toll as I was pretty tired after four 5 minute rounds. After class that we headed home and I went directly to bed in an effort to shake this sickness and get back to normal.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day…

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