UFC 120 Training Camp Journal – Day 3 – “Getting Settled In”


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I slept in a little bit extra today waking up around noon. The birthday party celebration went a little late last night but with no training planned for Sunday I thought it would be a great time to catch up on my sleep. After that I spent a lot of the day with Eric, an amateur MMA fighter that trains at Spencer’s gym. He drove me to get some lunch –at a local Thai restaurant–, then to the grocery store to pick up some stuff and finally over to Spencer’s Evolution MMA gym. The gym is set up really nicely and is located inside of a fitness gym. It’s got a good area of mat space, some heavy bags, throwing dummies, thai pads, boxing mitts and everything else that makes for great mixed martial arts training.

I finally managed to get my laptop connected to the internet! Jumping onto Skype I used it to talk with my wife and kids. I miss them so much already; it was great to hear their voices on the line. Tomorrow we’re going to try to get the webcams up and working. That should be more fun.

Now I’ve never really been a dog person but I do have one. My wife came home one night wanting to buy an English Mastiff and for some reason I agreed. Back when we got ours –we named her Zeena– I had no idea she would grow into the 200 lbs. animal that she is today. You ever pick up the crap from a dog like that? It’s friggin brutal! I’m only bringing this up because Spencer has a dog and the thing keeps jumping up on me every time I enter the house. I keep pushing it down and away by driving my knee into it’s chest so I hope that eventually stop it from doing that. Dogs, especially ones that aren’t mine still freak me out a bit I guess.

It’s already 9:40 pm here. I think I’m going to try to go to sleep early tonight and rest up for tomorrow. The gym is closed for Labour Day so we’re hitting the backyard for some outdoor pad work. Good times!

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  1. MMA Lessons says:

    Hey I’m just curious how long do you train per session? Does 5km run + 30mins weight + 30mins pad work sound good for beginner?

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